Sveriges Violinbyggarmästare

Sebastian Skarp

Sebastian Skarp Violinateljé
Regeringsgatan 72
111 39 Stockholm
Telephone: 08-22 24 20

Master luthier Sebastian Skarp was born in Stockholm in 1961 .

Mr Skarp is an international expert on fine violins, violas and cellos , and is a member of the EILA, Entente Internationale des Maitres Luthiers et Archetiers d´Art as well as beeing a founder member of SVM, the Guild of Swedish Violinmakers .

Sebastian Skarp has 30 years of experience in violinmaking, expertise and restoration of important instrument. He is a certified valuer for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and has a exclusive and small production of new violins, violas and cellos that represent an unparalleled standard in Sweden today.. Mr Skarp´s instrument are made with all his extensive knowledge from his work as a restorer of historically important instruments such as A.Stradivari , Giuseppe Guarneri , Domenico Montagnana to mention a few .The very accurate detailwork on his instrument and his own varnish are of superior quality, and resemble closely those of the great italian masters . The overall concept of making an instrument where nothing is left to chance to create the ”perfect” sounding instrument, is a strong tenet in Sebastian Skarp´s philosophy of violinmaking.