Sveriges Violinbyggarmästare

Astrid Pullar

Astrids Fiolverkstad
Bergsgatan 29
832 41 Frösön
Telephone: 063-13 77 99

Born 1957 in Västerås. I received my training from 1982-86 at The Leksand school of Violinmaking. There my main teacher was Carlo Bergman who had studied violinmaking in Cremona with masters such as Giuseppe Ornati and Pietro and Gaetano Sgarabotto.

After the four years of training in Leksand I moved further north and opened my own shop in Östersund in 1987.

Since 1994 I have held a Master Diploma in violin making.

Most of my daily work consists of maintenance, repairs and restorations of stringed instruments and bows. In my shop I also sell instruments bows and accessories.

I have a small but exclusive production of new violins.