Sveriges Violinbyggarmästare

Working days

Every year the Guild of Swedish Violin Makers organize working days with seminars for the members. During two days there is a seminar held by a prominent colleague from abroad, exchange of information between the members and discussions about valuations, damage regulations, repair technique, styles in new making etc. As well, often an exhibition with fine old instruments from a specific school or country is present.

Previous lecturers have been:
2003 - Mr Adam Whone, London – Repair technique / Analyse
2004 - Mr Hieronymus Köstler, Stuttgart – Restoration / History / Expertise
2005 – Mr Bernard Millant, Paris – French bows/analyse of brought bows
2006 - Mr Serge Stam, Utrecht – The Dutch school
2007 - Mr Roland Baumgartner, Basel – Who is the maker?
2008 - Mr Samuel Zygmuntowicz, New York – New discovery’s in acoustic science
2010 - Mr Peter Oxley, Oxford - Styles and working methods of the Parisian bow makers of the 19th century
2011 - Andrew Fairfax - Copies and fraugerys within the violin trade
2012 - Mathijs Heyligers - Barock instruments
2013 - Maria Brunskog, The art of preservation
2014 - Brigitte Brandmair, Stradivari varnish
2014 - Birgitte Brandmair (höstmöte)- Praktisk demonstration och genomgång av kokning av historiska lacker.
2015 - Francois Denis - Traite de Lutherie.
2016 - Alberto Giordano - Nicolò Paganini & the "Cannon" / Girolamo Amati viola in the Galleria Estense / Genua makers Enrico Rocca & Cesare Candi
2017 - Scandinavian violin makers meeting The Guild of Swedish Violinmakers & The Guild of Danish Violinmakers Sebastian Skarp - Swedish violinmaker Johan Öhberg Jens Stenz - Danish violinmakers from the past
2018 - Annual meeting in Mittenwald. Lecture by Wolfgang Zunterer, Mathias Klotz and the Mittenwald tradition. Guided tour to the Violin making School of Mittenwald.
2018 - 2021 Covid 19
2022 - Daniel Kogge, Berlin - "Berliner Schule"
2023 - Klaus Clement & Alexander Pilz, Leipzig - Historical varnish techniques, acoustics and modern technology as a working equipment